What We Do

A. Employment Lawyers in Denver, CO

One of the many practice areas in which Richard and Jeanine specializes is employment law. Together, they have decades of experience litigating claims involving employment discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge, violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Suffering an adverse employment action or being discharged from a job is always stressful and demoralizing. The humiliation of losing a job unfairly, coupled with the daunting task of standing up to a corporation or business that seems to have all of the power, leaves many employees feeling as if they have no recourse for unfair treatment at the hands of their employers. Richard and Jeanine are ready to provide aggrieved employees with the help, advice, and guidance they need in order to obtain the relief they deserve. Call us at (720) 506-1764 to see if we can help you with your employment law claims. For more information on employment Law in Denver, click here.

B. Family Law

A dissolution of marriage or divorce is often the most difficult legal experience a person goes through in his or her life.  Jeanine and Richard understand the emotional problems that are inherent in the dissolution of a marriage. They also understand the need for an advocate to represent and assist you so that you will be prepared for the years that follow the divorce.  If your marriage is ending, call us at (720) 506-1764 to see if we can help you. For more information on family law, click here.

C. Appellate Law

Winning a case at trial or on summary judgment is not always the end of a lawsuit. The losing party may appeal the case to a higher court, where the issues and focus may change dramatically.  Additionally, the appellate courts often present their own complex rules and requirements.  Richard is a specialist in the appellate process, and he has helped numerous trial lawyers hold onto, or obtain reversal of, the results at trial. If you have great trial results, but have concern about those results getting reversed on appeal, call us at (720) 506-1764 to see if Richard can assist you.

D. General Civil Litigation

Richard and Jeanine have, between them, more than fifty years experience in the legal field of general litigation.  They have participated in trials (including appeals) in cases involving consumer protection law, family law, contract law, tort law, employment law, mining law, Indian law, and marijuana law, to name just a few of the fields in which they have practiced. As a result, Jeanine and Richard have the experience, and the skill, to help you with your litigation needs, regardless of the problem or dispute. Call our offices today at 720-506-1764 to schedule a consultation.


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