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The latest news has confirmed what many of us have known to be true for many years: sexual harassment is a bleak reality of our work environment. Yet, in spite of the hostile behavior many are facing on a daily basis, victims of sexual harassment rarely come forward for fear of losing their jobs and the public stigma that may follow.

We understand that this is a difficult subject for you. You may feel afraid, ashamed, anxious or intimidated by the idea of taking action against your harasser. That’s why our Denver sexual harassment lawyers at Anderson Barkley, LLC know how to approach these cases and help victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their physical and mental pain without making them feel even more vulnerable.

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Understanding Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment is one of the most serious forms of sex discrimination. According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual advances, offensive remarks about a person’s sex, requests for sexual favors in exchange for job perks or opportunities, and so on.

However, not every comment can qualify as sexual harassment as defined by the law.

Here are a few examples of behavior that IS unlawful:

  • Unwelcomed physical touching or sexual assault;
  • Exposure to sexually explicit objects, cartoon, videos, etc.;
  • Promising a job promotion in exchange for sexual favors;
  • Enduring gender-related comments and remarks based on your appearance;
  • Being bullied or ridiculed because of your non-traditional gender norms; and
  • Exposure to sexual or degrading comments. 

Types of Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment can be very subtle and difficult to identify at times. It takes many forms and victims often mistake it for benevolence. Here are some behaviors that should raise a red flag:

  • Quid Pro Quo: This type of sexual harassment refers to requests for sexual favors in exchange for employment opportunities, such as promotions, access to corporate training, and so on. In some cases, the aggressor may threaten the victim with job termination if she or he declines to perform a sexual favor.
  • Hostile Work Environment: Unwanted touching or sexual advances aren’t the only behavior that qualifies as sexual harassment. Even apparently innocent actions, such as sexual jokes or pictures or derogatory comments can constitute a case if it happens on a daily or regular basis and significantly impair your ability to do your job.

If you are not sure whether the actions of your employer, co-worker or managers are unlawful, contact Anderson Barkley, LLC today and our Denver sexual harassment attorneys. We can help you determine if the conduct was illegal and if you are entitled to compensation for mental and sometimes physical suffering. 

What Should I Do If I Am Sexually Harassed  

Depending on the severity of the harassing behavior, one of the simplest things you can do is tell your co-worker or superior to stop the behavior. Maybe they didn’t even realize that they were crossing the line.

If this doesn’t work, file a formal complaint either with your supervisor or (if he/she is the aggressor) with the human resources department.

Make sure to document their behavior and keep a detailed record of each incident. Write down the date, time, a description of the behavior as well as the actions the company took to protect you. Keep a record of any emails, messages, and videos that the harasser sent. All this information can help you build a strong case and get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. 

What If My Company Isn’t Taking Any Action? 

According to federal and state law, employers are required to provide a safe and hostile-free environment and take actions to correct any unlawful behavior.

If you’ve filed a complaint and your employer failed to resolve the issue, then you may take the case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as any other relevant agency. These organizations will investigate the incidents and if they determine that the company failed to take appropriate action, then you will be provided with a “right-to-sue” letter. Once you have this document in your hands, contact our sexual harassment attorneys in Denver as soon as possible.

How We Can Help 

There are certain rules and steps that you need to take to protect yourself against sexual harassment. The law can be a bit confusing, especially at a difficult time like this. Working with a lawyer can make the process more straightforward and he or she can also provide you with the counsel and guidance you need.

Here is how our attorneys can help:

  • Help you document the incidents;
  • Advise you on how to discuss the incidents and harassment with your employer;
  • Advise you on how to report any future unwelcomed behavior; and
  • Ensuring that your employer do not retaliate against you if you file a complaint;

We Fight to Protect Victims of Sexual Harassment  

If you are the victim of unwelcomed sexual conduct in the workplace, then we can help you seek justice. The lawyers at Anderson Barkley, LLC have more than half a century of experience under their belt in this area. We are passionate about employment law and know every nuance and insight. We have won multiple cases for victims of workplace sexual harassment and never shy away from a fight. We do it all with one purpose: to help you protect your rights.

We can help you secure a fair settlement that reflects the amount of pain and mental hardship that you had to endure. We can also prepare you to face your aggressor in court.

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